About Us

About us

Crusaders Futsal Club

Crusaders was established in 2014 by head coach Glynn Boyd who set about to not only deliver quality coaching to the Gold Coast area but also to offer opportunities for his members wider than the Gold Coast community and also outside of the sport.

Crusaders has grown from two teams in 2013 to twenty five teams in 2018 with players experiencing lots of development, exposure and team success along the way. Crusaders FC has been invited to the Futsal World Championships in Orlando Florida for two successive years and in January 2019, Crusaders also embarked on an inaugural tour of the UK visiting Premier Leagues clubs such as Glasgow Rangers FC, St Johnstone FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC and Brighton & Hove Albion FC giving our players even more exposure on an international level.

Confidence • Skill • Excellence

Our Beliefs


Underpinned by the club’s values and beliefs, Crusaders is committed to nurturing, progressing and developing all young players to be the best form of themselves. Within our environment, coaches will seek to identify players strengths and weaknesses to assist their development.


Our Coaching philosophy revolves around the principle that players need to be guided and supported on their development journey, but also take responsibility for their own learning.


The playing philosophy is centred around solid principles of play, individual proficiency and game understanding. Players must be able to play competitively with a desire for a sense of achievement be it big or small.
It is important within the group that the individual development needs are addressed and that players feel valued. Our players should not fear mistakes and grow to learn from them. They will be encouraged to take personal responsibility for their learning and development, and within our environment they will receive the social and emotional support to enhance their individual development and feel a sense of ‘belonging’.


The Four Corners of Crusaders Player Development will be put in practice every single session; Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological/Social.


Our vision is to develop confident players who are exciting and creative in their playing ability, balanced with the importance and understanding of how to incorporate their skills as part of a team. Whatever the environment or situation we find ourselves in, our focus will always remain on setting the highest standards both on and off the court or field of play.


Play and promote dynamic, exciting futsal at all levels

Undertake a holistic approach to player development through provisions of outstanding coaching and other support services

Provide an environment which inspires a positive mentality alongside a development culture

Recognise and promote fair play

Promote the importance of education both on and off court for the development of the player

our coaches are your success

Our coaching team

Crusaders coaching staff all hold coaching licences from UEFA standard through to child protection certificates and blue cards.
Glynn Boyd

Glynn Boyd

Founder & Head Coach
Sam Wakeham

Sam Wakeham

Assistant Head Coach